Desi Toys Brand Offers a Great Deal of Fun and Entertainment to Your Kids

Jan 20 , 2022

Desi Toys Brand Offers a Great Deal of Fun and Entertainment to Your Kids

Looking for ways to entertain your kids? One that does not involve screens or gadgets?  Head to to discover a wide range of toys and games for children that don’t just entertain but also help them develop essential life skills while playing.

Here is a  round-up of some of the most popular games and toys from across all categories from our online store:

1)  Board games & puzzles: Desi Toys offers some of the best board games and puzzles for children and adults. These classic and popular indoor Board Games & Puzzles helps in enhancing strategy skills, problem-solving skills and social skills.

Bestseller board games & puzzles:  Chess, Solitaire

2)   Fun activity toys: Handcrafted by local artisans, Made in India, fun toys and games that promise hours of entertainment to kids as well as adults.

Bestseller fun activity toys: Steamboat, spinning tops, Gulel, Buddhijaal & more!

3)   Kitchen Pretend Playset: Inspired by the traditional and modern kitchen, our superior quality kitchen sets fire up children’s imagination.

Bestseller kitchen sets: Brass kitchen Set,  Indian Tea Playset, Cooking set/ Khel Paani . Shop online here

4)  Truly nostalgic Desi Toys: As the name suggests, Desi Toys is inspired by games and toys from traditional India & offers many comeback toys that parents in the 90’s growing up playing with.

Bestseller nostalgic toys: Lagori, Gilli Danda,  Gulel, 5 stones game. Add to your shopping cart here

5) Return gifts & collectibles: Unique play concepts, designed with  superior  quality and available at affordable rates –our games and toys are the go-to gifting options for birthday parties and return favours.

Bestseller return gifts & collectibles: Handcrafted Pencils, Jungle Memory Game & more! 

Take a trip down memory lane & explore more options for indoor toys and games for kids. Shop online now