Discovering the right Toy Kitchen Set for Summer Holidays

Mar 20 , 2023

Discovering the right Toy Kitchen Set for Summer Holidays

Discovering The Right Toy Kitchen Set This Coming Summer Holiday

 With temperatures soaring in the city, summer is just a few months away. To help you sail through the long summer afternoons with little ones at home, our play experts at Desi Toys have the perfect toy recommendation – our kitchen set.

 Kitchen playsets are a great way to encourage little ones to play different roles and give them the freedom to explore imaginative scenarios in a fun way. Playing with kitchen sets can help boost creativity & imagination, help develop fine mortar skills, visual recognition, planning  & organisation skills & positively impact social skills.

Take a look at our range of kitchen playsets that enhance your child’s imagination & encourage role-playing.

1) Khel Pani / Wooden Cooking Set

This 14 pieces kitchen set is perfect for budding chefs of 3 years & above. Handcrafted in Sheesham wood by our local artisans & painted brightly using non-toxic colours. Makes for a great collectable too! Shop here

2) Premium Brass miniature pretend-to-play kitchen set 

A toy that gives children the freedom to express their creativity & experiment in the comfort of their own homes. Our handcrafted brass kitchen set comes with all the traditional utensils from the royal kitchen, beautifully crafted to the minute detail by skilled artisans. This set is collectable & ideal for gifting. Order now

  3) Wooden Indian Tea kitchen set for kids :

 Let your children gather all your friends & host a perfect pretend tea party with our wooden Indian tea kitchen set designed to promote social & cognitive skills. Order here.

Apart from the kitchen set, there are also other kitchen utensils that can be purchased as cute collectibles or for gifting such as Brass Miniature Idli making vessels, Brass miniature playset chulha, water heaters, mortar & pestle khalbatta, pretend playset masala boxes, miniature tank with tap pretend playset, Handa kalashi prentend playset & more! 

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