Diwali Delight: Top 5 Indian Games for Kids You Can Buy Online

Nov 07 , 2023

Diwali Delight: Top 5 Indian Games for Kids You Can Buy Online

The festive season of Diwali, also called the "Festival of Lights," is fast approaching!

 What could be a more brilliant way of celebrating this grand occasion than purchasing for your toddlers some really fun Indian children's games available online? 

In this era where we have screens and gizmos all over, we need to make our children acquainted with old Indian games. Additionally, these games are a source of unlimited entertainment but also serve as platforms for learning vital lessons and gaining new skills. 

Let's get started with the 5 best Indian games for kids to order online.

Wooden Spinning Tops for Kids

When it comes to classic toys, these exquisite wooden spinning tops reign supreme, and you can easily buy toys online. If you allow your children to play indoor games or entertain them with an outdoor adventure, these spinning tops will put a smile on their faces. It's one of the simplest gifts one can give in a compact package, capable of taking action anytime one has friends or an adventure outside.

 Wooden Indian Tea Kitchen Set for Kids

Kid's imagination is limitless when they are playing with this adorable wooden Indian tea kitchen set. The amazing world of joy in this delightful little toy makes it possible for children to create their world. Observe them make artificial chai and serve it to their friends while organizing the best birthday treats ever. 

 Lagori Game Set for Kids

So think all again, on those days when smartphones did not exist. For those who were children back in the '90s, lagori was a usual game they played, as it is also called sitolia or pitto. Such a traditional team play will not only help you make your kids forget about those damn screens but also let them have some fresh air as well! 

Lagori requires players to overturn a tower of flattened stones while preventing the opponent's throws from toppling these stones. This is a great avenue for exercising, team building as well as making unforgettable childhood days. 

 Indian Ludo

Purchase this Diwali and bring that old yet interesting board game, Indian Ludo, to your home, as it not only entertains but also develops abilities and skills in the kids. They are also busy playing that game for a long period. This Ludo is different because it depicts Indian mythological stories that connect current children with ancient culture. 

Pachisi / Chaupar is a terrific chance for anybody who may want to learn more about an ancient Indian racing board game. Such bright colors and awesome games would be a must-have in your children's stockings for Diwali.

 Jungle Bowling Game Set

The jungle bowling game set really turns the wild side of bowling. Picture a cute woodland critter bowling alley. Kids find this exciting, especially due to the bright colors and attractive animals in the game. All they can do is focus and shoot away the animal pins, one after another. Nature spices up your indoor or outdoor playing time, providing unlimited amusement and laughter.


Therefore, these are the best Indian games for kids available online. Instead of the digital world this Diwali, teach your children some traditional and old Indian games that have excited many generations. Ordering these festive gifts will be easier this year with the convenience of online shopping and will really make this festive season special for children. 

Happy Diwali and happy gaming!