Festive Online Shopping For Made In India Toys This Dussehra

Oct 13 , 2021

Festive Online Shopping For Made In India Toys This Dussehra

Dussehra is just around the corner and as a parent, if you are looking for ways to introduce your children to Indian mythology, traditions and culture of India in this festive season in a fun way and then you are on the right post!

‘Desi Toys’ brand offers authentic, Made in India toys inspired by traditional India that are educational and offer hours of entertainment for the family.

1) Ramayana Chauka Bara : Make the story of the famous epic Ramayan come alive with this strategy board game. Children will be introduced to 5 main characters i.e. Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, and Jambavantha while racing with fellow players! A perfect game theme that connects one to the famous Indian epic in a fun way! Order right away !

2) Lagori: Planning to travel with kids this festive season? Order the classic outdoor game of Lagori from Desi Toys and introduce your kids to the good old toys of the '90s. Played as a team, this is one of the many traditional games you would have played during your childhood days. Enjoy the nostalgia while playing!

3) Brass Miniature Kitchen Pretend Play set: Perfectly handcrafted Brass Pretend Kitchen set contains brass utensils seen  and used in traditional Royal families making it an awesome collectible gift this festive season preserving our Indian culture and art. Shop this beautiful set here.

4) 5 Stones Game -A game that was played by our Dada - Daadi! Ask them and they will all nob a yes with a smile! Five Stones is one the most ancient game from India that was played using cowrie shells & flat pebbled stones. Our come-back version of this traditional game includes five lovely triangle-shaped pieces made of cloth filled with fur and grains. A simple, screen-free game that guarantees loads of fun! Order here.

5) Mancala: Handcrafted in Sheesham wood, the traditional game from South Inda is played by moving the stones/seeds around the game board and capturing opponent's stones/seeds. The vintage look and feel of the game appeal to those who are interested in collectibles and make for a unique festive gift this season. Shop here

All the toys at Desi toys carry a blend of Indian art and are inspired by the traditional games and toys that offer a chance for the 21st century to enjoy the essence of pure play without depending on gadget or a  battery.

These Desi Toys have stood the test of time making them so popular even today! Enjoy the nostalgia as you take a trip down the memory lane -shop for Indian toys and games online at www.desitoys.in

Happy Dussehra!