From Educational to Entertaining: The Ultimate Guide to Kid’s Toys Online Shopping

May 10 , 2023

From Educational to Entertaining: The Ultimate Guide to Kid’s Toys Online Shopping

When we think of toys and games, a fun leisurely playtime comes to our minds; but what if this entertainment is coupled with education, giving a child the best of both through their favourite activity, playing. We, at Desi Toys, offer games and toys that are a perfect amalgamation of fun and learning! We are one of the top online toy stores in the country that carry excellent games for your child’s playful present as well as bright future!

At Desi Toys, you will find traditional Indian games and toys that have been a part of Indian families since ages! Traditional toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with and even made at home from scratch, are available on our online store!

How to Pick the Perfect Toy for your Perfect Little Angel?

With Desi Toys, you can get the ultimate kids toys online shopping experience as you will find an extensive range of toys and games that cater to various age groups. Our toys offer different educational and developmental benefits and are categorised into different age categories as necessary

The educational and developmental benefits that our toys offer span across our entire range!

  • Ages 3 to 5

Children at this age are sure smart but might not be articulate enough for games with complicated strategizing and planning, so the games that we, at one of the top online toy stores, offer for this age range are easier and light to play with. At this age, children need for their basic functional skills to be developed. We offer: Wooden slate for kids that helps with the development of fine motor skills, creativity, imagination; Jungle bowling game set that increases concentration, hand-eye coordination, visual recognition; The Jungle memory card game that helps with hand-eye coordination, social skills, concentration, memory and visual recognition and more such games.

  • Ages 5 to 99

Being a wide age range, we offer a wide range of games and toys for this category. From strategizing games, planning, problem solving to social skills, Desi Toys offers games and toys with many such benefits. Along with having endless entertainment with toys like Gulel/Catapult, Lattu/Spinning Top, etc., this range also offers games like Brainvita, Chess, etc. which offers high-end education and development.

Buy from Desi Toys and not only get ultimate benefits from traditional Indian toys but also get the ultimate kids toys online shopping experience! Gift your child a tangible game and help them gain numerous intangible skills by playing with it!