From Pitch to Product: How Desi Toys Transformed Ideas into Reality on Shark Tank India

Feb 12 , 2024

From Pitch to Product: How Desi Toys Transformed Ideas into Reality on Shark Tank India

Have you ever watched Shark Tank India and thought, "I wish I could turn my idea into a successful product"? 

Well, that's exactly what the team behind Desi Toys has done, and their journey from concept to creation has been inspiring. It all started with a simple idea – to make fun and educational kids toys in India that reflect Indian culture and values. 

Desi Toys aimed to create a gap between toys that celebrated the rich heritage and traditions of India. With this vision in mind, its founders embarked on their career journey armed with creativity and joy.

The Shark Tank India Experience

Desi Toys is a brand that makes toys for today’s age kids to help them build their natural skills and revive classic toys. Swapna Soham Wagh is an MBA graduate specializing in Marketing from Mumbai and also has a retail specialization from IIM Calcutta.

Desi Toys is an Indian toy company that brings timeless collections of toys and gives them a touch of India. The company uses Indian artisans to manufacture the toys, while at the same time ensuring the highest quality products for the customers. All the brands have a charming Indian touch to them, be it the design, the brand names, and so on.

The unique features of Desi Toys include:

  • All the toys are 100% made in India
  • All the products are lab-tested to ensure quality
  • There is no plastic in their products

During her presentation to the sharks, Swapna seeks INR 50 lakhs for a 3% stake in the business enterprise, valuing it at INR 16.67 crores. The sharks are captivated by the toys, which blend entertainment with a real Indian essence.

Impact of Desi Toys

Desi Toys has not only become a commercial success but also brought positive change in the lives of children throughout India. The playthings stimulate cultural consciousness, make adolescents hold their heads high, and enhance attachment to heritage. With the outlook of taking traditional performances and stories into a contemporary setting, Desi toys is propagating to safeguard the cultural heritage.

By opting to purchase Desi Toys in Shark Tank India products, you not only invest in high-quality educational toys but also contribute towards preserving Indian culture. Whether you are buying toys for your kids or wish to surprise someone with a unique gift, Desi Toys has many products that will surely make people happy.

The Final Words

The evolution of Kids Toys in India from one stage to another on Shark Tank is a reflection of how innovation and determination can take an individual places. If they are faithful to their vision and respectful of the culture that gave birth to them, then they have formed a brand that reaches out across cultures. 

Therefore, the next time you want to buy toys for kids in India, why not choose Desi Toys? However, the dimensions of recreation are not just fun- they also teach us life skills, encourage growth, and celebrate our diversity.