Fun Activity Toys Since The '90s

Nov 24 , 2021

Fun Activity Toys Since The '90s

Toys are children’s favourite mode of entertainment. Be it a toddler or teen- toys and games never go out of style! While the toys and games market has undergone a sea change and the toy stores are flooded with new varieties of toys that make playtime fun for children, toys and games from the ’90s continue to take the top position when it comes to killing boredom.

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Take a look at some of the most loved 90’s toys and games from our collection here:

1) Gili Danda: A game that every 90’s kid associates his/her childhood days with. Agree? No wonder the  Gili Danda set at Desi Toys is also gifted as a collectible by many of our customers. Order here.

2) Lagori: Call it Sitoliya, Saath Patthar, or Seven stones – this is one of the most popular outdoor team games from the ’90s! Well! Guess what we have on our shelves too! Sounds exciting? Order it here.

3) Steam Boat: Another classic toy that every 90’s kid will relate to and remember the nostalgia of going to the fairs and coming home with this wonderful toy that works on simple science principles! Available in or stores- shop now.

4) Spinning tops:  Parents enjoy a trip down the memory lane to their childhood days when lattu or spinning tops ruled the gaming hours and provided hours of entertainment on those hot summer afternoons! Order one for your child here.


5) Hopscotch: No Tv or iPad, this game from the ’90s continues to make children hop, skip & jump and offer hours of entertainment without fail!

At Desi Toys, this one makes a comeback with colourful, anti-skid play mat in cute animal print. Shop here.

What’s more? Find more of your favourite toys and games from the ’90s & help your child discover the joy of unplugged childhood!


 Happy Shopping!