How a Kids Plays with Toys During Different Ages!

Feb 09 , 2021

How a Kids Plays with Toys During Different Ages!

As your child grows, his/her choices & play style changes significantly. From his crawling to his first day in school, the changes he experiences in himself and his surroundings influenced through play.

Before purchasing the kids toys online India, it is very important to understand the activities of kids and the capabilities of specific age groups to buy the perfect set of toys for them. Here are some points on how kids play with toys at different age stages and suggestions for the right activities your child can benefit from.


  • Learn to get control of their hands & legs and start exploring the world
  • Learn to engage in simple social interactions with parents & caregivers
  • Learn to identify, hold and  explore objects, sights, sounds, and tastes
  • Know  and learn to use their body parts.
  • Learn about different reactions of people


For infants soft toys, toys with wheels, shiny toys, stuffed animal toys, dolls, and balloon type of toys are perfect. Most importantly for this age group try to avoid electronic toys.



  • Like the physical movement that comes from their new mobility in the surroundings
  • Explore objects and how to organize them
  • Increase their perception of object permanence--e.g., hide-and-seek game
  • Recognize himself as a part of the community and start participating in different activities and learn the language
  • Start recognizing different types of symbols and play outdoors


At this age, kids start to play with different types of toys, pull-push toys; balls, wooden toys, picture games, water, sand, stuffed animals, and puzzle games.


School-Age Children (Up to Age Eight)

  • Learn group skills, comprising collaboration and conflict management
  • Follow rules made by parents & teachers, as well as make their own rules to follow with friends
  • Employ new skills to arrange objects, thoughts, and abilities in rational and organized ways
  • Develop social interests, new skills, and hobbies


Children of this age enjoy construction tools, board games, science equipment, crafting materials, electronic toys, cars, and helicopters, dollhouse, castle, storytelling books, and kitchen sets. is an Indian brand where you can buy the best toys online India for the kids according to their age & interest at the best price.