How to Make Play Inclusive for Children with Desi Toys?

Oct 26 , 2021

How to Make Play Inclusive for Children with Desi Toys?

With the advent of technology and its incessant use in our day-to-day lifestyle has unknowingly affected the budding minds adversely, children no longer find excitement in their physical toys instead they find it difficult to keep away from mobile games. These games restrict the child’s brain activity and movement leading to an unhealthy lifestyle but parents/guardians can rescue their kids from this danger by diverting their attention to traditional toys and Indian games for kids. Here are few tips that would help you achieve the above-mentioned objective:


  • Educate your child- Children are vulnerable to many adversaries but it’s their parents/guardian’s responsibility to educate them rightly about the good and the bad. As mobile/video games are fun and easy going, children desire to play for hours but parents need to educate them about its ill effects on their health and future. They must also encourage them to play with Indian toys that are readily available at online toys store.



  • Allure them to play- Kids brains can be easily molded by seeking their attention to something unique and intriguing, parents can do the needful by enjoying playing with the traditional Indian toys like steam boat, gilli danda, spinning tops and other such amusing games in front of their kids so that they are also fascinated by the play and show the desire to experience them along with their parents. This activity will surely distract the child’s mind from mobile phones and they will start taking interest in Indian games for kids.



  • Keep them away from gadgets- Another helpful method to draw child’s attention towards Indian toys is by parting them from gadgets like smartphones, video games, television, etc. When kids won’t be able to get access to tech gadgets, they would yearn for something interesting, in such a situation parents can fill this void with the very exciting traditional games and toys.



Traditional Indian toys were designed to foster children’s brain activity besides keeping them fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Parents need not worry about the availability of the traditional toys as they are easily available at online toys store, where you can get all renowned games and toys from puzzles to playsets and catapult in supreme quality and at affordable prices. It’s time to relive your childhood along with your children with traditional Indian toys and games.