How to Make Your Kids Learn and Think While Playing?

Sep 20 , 2021

How to Make Your Kids Learn and Think While Playing?

Did you know there is one aspect of his childhood that Albert Einstein had shared as an adult, in which he remembered a pivotal event from his life that encouraged him to pursue his interest in scientific encounter. The event he explained was: he was around five years old and was stuck in bed due to an illness. To not let him be bored, his father gave him a magnetic pocket compass to make his life a little less dull. He got so indulged in the game that he spent hours playing with it, pondering how the needle always knew to indicate to the north.

Children are curious learners and they love to know about things by doing them. And probably this is the reason why the idiom goes as all study and no play makes jack a dull boy. Time has changed and hence we must use innovative techniques to make them learn new concepts instead of trying the age-old paper pencil method. And for this there are many education learning toys in the market. For example, Legos can be used for letter creation or household items and even art materials. Learning through play is a great way to keep children involved without having to force them to study.

Act it out: Instead of instructing them about things, show them how to do it. This will make it easier for them to recreate it in their mind. Instead of telling them a story, try acting it out for them and see how much more excited they become.

Solve puzzles: Puzzles help in developing the problem-solving skill of a child and also improves their critical-thinking. When solving a puzzle, many parts of their senses come at play all at once, enhancing coordination.

DIY activities: DIY ideas are very much fun, helping them create something by their own. This boosts their creativity and also gives them confidence.

Give challenges: It is advised to challenge your kids for a few tasks. This will help them set certain goal for themselves and how to work towards achieving it. There are many such educational learning toys based on giving challenges.

In the current scenario when the focus is on vocal for local, there are many skill enhancing made in India toys available, helping the child’s learning journey a happy experience.