Ideas for Selecting The Perfect 'Made in India Toys' for Summer Vacations

Apr 25 , 2022

Ideas for Selecting The Perfect 'Made in India Toys' for Summer Vacations

Summer vacations call for nothing but uninterrupted playtime for children! The last two years of summer vacations have been spent indoors under lockdown, this year finally children have the freedom to go all out and enjoy the summer break just as they should be!

How about adding a dash of local flavour to all the summer fun? As a homegrown brand –we at Desi Toys have a huge collection of Made In India toys and games that please not just your children but your shopping budget too! Check out

Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect Made In India toys & games from our online store:

1) Mancala / Pallanguzhi -Another ancient game from India makes a comeback with our handcrafted in wood Palanguzhi or Mancala. Great as a unique birthday party gift for kids. Order yours here.

2)  Toys that can be played with minimal adult supervision: Take our word –be it a stay-at-home or a working parent - every parent needs these!

Desi Toys bestseller: Kitchen playset, Steamboat/ Put-put Naav, Spinning top\Lattu are some of the best self-indulging, simple toys and games to encourage independent play in children. Shop at

3)   Toys that work wonders for boosting concentration: Timeless games and toys that not just entertain your child for hours but also develop a longer attention span. Much needed, isn’t it?

Desi Toys bestseller: Cup aur Gola, Buddhijaal,  Brainvita - Check out more at

4)  Toys that are perfect for playdates: Hosting a playdate this summer? Get these games to double the fun!

Desi Toys bestseller: Hopscotch playmat, Spot N Snap Card game, Jungle Memory Card game and watch the gang enjoy some quality playtime together. Order them here

5)   Toys that can be played by anyone –age no bar: Why should kids have all the fun” This Summer, unleash let your inner child with some of India’s timeless, classic, authentic toys and games & revel in nostalgia!

Desi Toys bestseller: 5 stones, Chess, Chauka Bara, Pallanghuzi/ Mancala are games that can be enjoyed by individuals across age groups! Buy them here

Amazing right? Go ahead, shop for these wooden, handcrafted by local artisans, made in India toys to make your summer of 2022 a memorable one for your child!

Happy shopping!