Indian Toys Offer a Great Deal of Fun to Your Kids

Sep 09 , 2022

Indian Toys Offer a Great Deal of Fun to Your Kids

Playing with toys is not simply a leisurely activity but have plenty of benefits in the short and long-run along with being the most fun time of the day! And when it comes to Indian traditional toys, the fun is fourfold!

We, at Desi Toys, offer games and toys that meet the above expectations while also being Indian traditional toys, many of which our ancestors have grown up playing with and enjoyed. You can not only give your child a great deal of fun with our kids toys online but also get them at a great deal. As a child, knowing how your parents enjoyed the same kind of toys and the stories around their playtime can not only strengthen the family bond but also be extremely fun for them. The elders who have played with traditional toys for years can help the child play the game initially and play with them eventually which takes the element of enjoyability to the next level!

This ‘India Inspired, India Made’ brand offers traditional toys for the children of Modern Day India, emphasizes on ‘Being Indian, Buying Indian Products’ and aspires to be ‘Aatmanirbhar’. Buy traditional Indian toys online (India) for your kids so that they are exposed to our culture not just on occasions but also through everyday activities.

Desi Toys offers toys like Catapult/Gulel that not only teaches them target/shooting skills but also is a great deal of fun, especially when played with friends and have a healthy competition. Our Wooden Lattu/Spinning Top is one of the best kids toys online; it seems like a silly fun game but helps in understanding Science & Discovery and in the development of hand-eye coordination, logic building & concentration along with being super entertaining with the least efforts. The Kitchen Set/Khel Paani sets are on another level when it comes to fun; your child can learn something new each time they pretend cook with the kitchen playset while also learning how a traditional Indian kitchen works and the items used in it to prepare food, also helping in developing skills for the future.

It becomes even more fun for your kid to play when the toxic materials of the toys do not harm them! We offer toys online India that are 100% plastic free and toxin-free toys and games that are made of materials such as wood and brass, making it safe and sturdy for your child and stress-free for you!