Inspire Your Kids With Indian Traditional Indoor Games

Sep 09 , 2021

Inspire Your Kids With Indian Traditional Indoor Games

Nowadays it is not uncommon to see parents worried about their kids being glued to smart phones all the time. This has increased to many folds due to the ongoing pandemic, because of which taking the kids outside has become almost negligible.

Bound to the unavoidable circumstances and trends, the parents often feel helpless, watching their kids stuck in the world of gadgets and technology. Though embracing technology cannot be categorized as a bad thing, yet the kids must have some grasp over the realities to ensure their overall development.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you through this dilemma of yours. We have some of the most enjoyed indoor games that would keep your kids on their feet for long. These games help improve various skills of the children such as motor and social skills, learning abilities, strategy building, etc. Not only the kids, but these games will also take you back to your childhood when you spent all your  days to play these games with your friends and siblings.

Here are a few most sought after Indian traditional indoor games:

Water Steamboat: The putt putt sound with a little colorful boat floating in the water will surely increase the curiosity in your child to know how a steam boat works.

Spinning tops: The classic wooded spinning tops will take your kid to one full fun swirl. An undisputable item in their toy shopping list.

Maze swirl: While the kids use all their brains and motor skills to make the little balls reach to their right place in the maze, you can cherish them being indulged with all their whims in something which is not a gadget.

Solitaire: The solitaires are designed to keep them engaged for long and help them plan ahead with each step they take.

Yo Yo Spinner: Games/Toys must be just fun, made to enjoy every moment of it and that’s what our YoYo Spinner does in a whoosh.

Gulel/Catapult: Let them aim high, aim right with our sturdy and captivatingly vivid Gulels.

Apart from the above-mentioned indoor games we have many more in our stock to ensure your kids enjoy the best. We have given these traditional games a modern touch to align them according to the interest of the kids of today. These will instill curiosity, helping them learn about teamwork and other useful life skills. Order them through our online toys store or & shape their childhood for better.