Instil Patriotism in Children - Be Indian, Play with Indian Toys

Aug 13 , 2023

Instil Patriotism in Children - Be Indian, Play with Indian Toys

India will be celebrating its 77th Independence Day on 15 August 2023, marking 76 years of freedom, and as we celebrate all the incredible achievements that modern India has achieved in all these years, let’s not overlook our centuries-old roots that form the very basis of our culture. Most importantly as parents ensure we help our children learn about the rich heritage of our country on this day & what better way than introducing them to our traditional Indian toys & games.

Here are our bestselling toys & games that can help your children learn about Indian culture through play :

1) Pachisi: Counted as one of the most ancient games of India! It is said that Akbar & his noblemen would play the game at a grand scale, with courtesans in colourful costumes taking on the role of tokens. Our Pachisi game board is inspired by the epic of Mahabharata  - a story that will connect children to their Indian roots. Shop now

2) Steam Toy Boat: This amazing put put naav as we call it is a classic comeback toy for any 90’s child! You will remember seeing this toy boat at a mela or fair in your childhood days – this same steam toy boat is now available on our shelves too! Order it here and let your children connect with the Indian childhood nostalgia!

3) Lagori: This team game is known by different names in different regions. Such as Saath Paththar, Sitoliya, Pitto this game will get the children moving and screaming all over the playground within minutes! Our version comes with a soft ball and colourful wooden blocks. Order right away here.

4) Gili Danda: Let your kids connect with the Indian street game that inspired the game of modern cricket. Our Gili Danda set is every child’s favourite as a birthday party return or a unique birthday gift! Shop here

5) Kitchen Sets: Playing ghar ghar has been a major part of all Indian kids’ childhood, don’t we all remember pretend playing cooking games indoor during those hot summer months! Our collection includes multiple options such as Wooden Tea Set, Brass Kitchen Set, Wooden Kitchen set – order your favourite here.

Visit to browse our collection of artisanal, Made in India toys and games that bring back the childhood nostalgia and help your children connect with their Indian roots and culture in a fun way!