Kitchen Set for Kids Offer a Great Deal of Entertainment

Aug 11 , 2021

Kitchen Set for Kids Offer a Great Deal of Entertainment

Have you ever watched your child pick up the paper and pretend it is a zooming plane or create pretend ponies and gallop around the house?

Pretend play is part of early childhood and an important tool that can spur child development while playing with toys & games.

For parents who are looking for that one toy that encourages pretend play and guarantees hours of entertainment for children - the DesiToys kitchen set is the answer!

While there are many types of kitchen sets available in the market, here is what makes DesiToys kitchen sets worth a buy:

1) Handcrafted: Both our miniature brass kitchen set as well as the wooden kitchen sets are designed and handcrafted by our local artisans from India. Their local insights and knowledge about the Indian kitchen go into designing the perfect kitchen playset for the Indian consumers as well as the ones living abroad!

2) Safe for children: Desi Toys kitchen set contains non-harmful plastic which makes it secure for younger children.

3)Develop life-skills: Inspired to reflect the traditional Royal families, the kitchen set contains all major cooking utensils like a gas stove, food plate with bowls and spoons, and additional fun sets like Idli steamer set, water tank with tap & more!  The kitchen sets are designed to encourage creative role-playing, imagination, and social skills among children.

4) Suits every situation: The kitchen sets at Desi Toys promise hours of independent creative play for children as a group on a playdate and even when they are stuck indoors all by themselves. It also makes for a wonderful gift on birthdays for the little ones.

5) Minimal instructions, maximum fun - Easy to assemble, children can just start playing with the set without spending much time in figuring out where to place which part as they try to replicate their own house kitchen or create a new one using their imagination.

With so many special features, gift your little kids the best of the kitchen sets by Desi Toys that they can play along as you watch them prepare yummy food for you!

Shop from our online store now at and also check out our other cool toys and games inspired by our very own India!