Looking for Traditional Indian Toys - Important Considerations

Dec 20 , 2021

Looking for Traditional Indian Toys - Important Considerations

As a toy store offering traditional Indian toys for kids, here are some important considerations that you should take into account while you shop

1) Quality: By this we mean not just the production quality of the toys but also child safety. Make sure the toys you select are age-appropriate and safe to play with. At Desi Toys, every toy is designed keeping child safety in mind- we use non-toxic colours,  seasoned wood & avoid sharp components totally to create safe play experiences for children. Check out our popular kitchen playsets available in Brass and Wood.

2) Maker: The quality of toys depends on the maker as well! By making traditional toys, we are supporting local artisans from Indian villages while giving them a platform to showcase their unique know-how.  Have you seen the Mancala, or the Bada Bhool Bhulaiya handcrafted with intricate details by our local artisans?

3) Educational value: An important question while shopping for toys should be – what does the toy or game teach my child? Apart from just entertainment, Desi Toys offers children an amazing experience of learning through play and developing essential life skills at an early age! We would recommend games like Chess, Lagori that you can easily order online!

4) Eco-friendly:  Why buy plastic toys that harmful to the planet when you have the option of buying top quality, wooden handcrafted toys that look so good and long-lasting that you can keep them as home décor too! A few bestsellers loved by parents are the GulelSolitaire

Make the most of this festive season to introduce your children to the joy of playing with made in India, traditional toys this season! 

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