Most loved Traditional Indian Kitchen Pretend Play Set

Oct 11 , 2021

Most loved Traditional Indian Kitchen Pretend Play Set

After being hard hit by the pandemic, lifestyle of people has completely changed and this change has affected children the most. With online studies and excessive use of gadgets, children have started adopting a passive lifestyle which is not good for their health. To relief their sensitive eyes and mind from the tech world, parents ought to come up with new and innovative methods to engross their child in healthy games like puzzles, spinner, catapult, etc. Traditional Indian toys are much in trend and have various hidden benefits attached to them, let’s discuss some of them below:

  • Nostalgic- Not kids but their parents and grandparents are sure to be driven back to their childhood days and indulge into some nostalgic time with ever interesting Indian puzzle. The game would compel the parents to relive their childhood along with their children once again and spend some quality family time.



  • Children friendly- Indian kids toys online India are manufactured and marketed in our country making them a trustable product range for our kids. Unlike new age toys, traditional games are usually made up of wood, clay, cloth and other environment friendly material that is non-toxic and does not pose any health threat to children. Plastic toys are not only harmful for kids but also for the environment as they are non-biodegradable and contribute to landfills.



  • Mental growth- Indian toys were designed so innovatively that they foster both physical and mental growth of children. Indoor games like chess, snake and ladder especially puzzle induces children to use their brains creatively and in the right direction which makes them sharp and intelligent. Traditional Indian toys both entertains and educates the kids very positively and healthily.



  • Long lasting- Indian toys have a longer life span than the latest ones as they are usually handmade from good quality and durable material which lasts long. Wooden puzzles do not wear out easily and prove to be a worthy investment for parents.



So, if you want to give a healthy and interesting twist to your children’s lifestyle then you must gift them traditional kids toys online India that can easily be bought at online stores at very fair prices. Enjoy the exciting range of Indian toys which can be relished both indoors and outdoors without causing any harm to your children and environment.