Playtime with a Heritage Twist: Traditional Indian Toys for Kids

Apr 17 , 2023

Playtime with a Heritage Twist: Traditional Indian Toys for Kids

We are known for our rich heritage, diverse culture and the innumerable contributions that we have given to the world; not only that, but we have also managed to keep most of it alive and still in practice today! Indian practices, items and rituals have many benefits and Indian games and toys are not far from it! Traditional Indian toys and games have been known to offer great benefits when played with, especially as a child. Let us take one of the world’s most popular and a highly intellectual game, Chess which was originated in India as Chaturaji/Chaturanga. It is a fact that playing Chess has skill developmental benefits in areas of strategy building, concentration, social skills and problem solving. 

In this day and age of tech-savvy entertainment like video games, simulation games, etc., we have been losing touch with traditional toys that were originated in India and have been played with for ages which is why we, at Desi Toys, are here to revamp traditional Indian toys so that our children and future generations can reap the benefits from it, have a fun playtime and also come closer to their roots. Let us bring our children a little closer to our heritage and culture by offering them Desi Toys that their parents and grandparents grew up playing with. Toys like gulel/catapult, lattu spinning top, cup aur gola/cup & ball, buddhijaal/brainvita, Lagori/pithu/seven stones, wooden mancala, etc. are available here, on our website. We also have kitchen and teatime playsets that are made up of Indian household kitchen items; this will help a child get better insight into one of the most important aspects of life, cooking and nourishing oneself. 

What makes Desi Toys even more traditional Indian is that all the toys and games are made of toxin-free material and are completely plastic free. So, if you are looking for traditional Indian wooden toys online, then you are at the right place as Desi Toys offers toys made of materials like wood and brass so that the safety of your child is taken care of. 

Gift your child a heritage playtime where they can not only have a leisurely time and develop their skills but also bond with their elders as they can listen to stories about how they used to play with the same toys back in their childhood. At Desi Toys, we believe in ‘India Inspired, India Made’, so not only are the toys we offer traditional Indian toys but they are also made in India!