Recommended Indoor Games For Kids to Keep them Entertained Indoors!

Oct 22 , 2020

Recommended Indoor Games For Kids to Keep them Entertained Indoors!

The year 2020 is the year of staying indoors!

For children, adapting to this new normal poses a new challenge as their usual day-to-day routine of school and outdoor playtime has been turned upside down due to the pandemic. On the other hand, for parents  keeping their kids entertained for hours  may seem daunting and almost impossible!

Well, that’s a lot and so we have put together some interesting games to help you unwind with your kids after a hectic day and enjoy family time indoors!

Take your pick from our stay-at-home indoor games for kids!

1) Monopoly

An indoor game of luck, chance, and wheeling and dealing, this classic, world famous property trading board game is the most played board game by families!


 2) Strategy board games -2 combo pack variants

 Coming from the house of Desi Toys, this  is an awesome combo pack of fantastic indoor board games for kids that enhances logic building, strategy, and social skills! Priced economically, your kids will love playing these games for hours! Contains: Goats & Tigers/Bagh Bakri, Snakes and ladders, Tic Tac Toe, and Chauka Bara. These are the truly classic board games of India.

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3) Pictionary

A great game to ignite children's imagination, where players try to get other players to guess words and phrases by sketching. A perfect indoor game for kids as well as adults!

4) Chess

Another ancient indoor game of India and a great one to keep you engaged at home for hours! The best thing about this particular Chess board  is that it is completely wooden made with Sheesham/ Indian rosewood with magnetic board and has great finish quality –your kids may have many other chess boards but this handcrafted magnetic chess board stands apart!

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5) Othello

Be the master of strategy with Othello! This classic indoor game of strategy takes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master! Great fun for the entire family!

6) Carrom Board

This classic indoor game never goes out of trend. It helps children to develop social skills such as communication, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying the company of others.

7) Scrabble

A classic word game, that helps them build their vocabulary skills! Scrabble is an easy and fun way to boost your child’s language ability and teach them important life skills, the fun way.

8) Scotland Yard

A compelling detective indoor game for kids that offers a thrilling experience of chasing and racing. Since the Scotland Yard board game requires more than two players, the whole family can join in and spend some quality time with their kids.

9) Marble solitaire/ Brainvita

Also known as Buddhijaal or Brainvita or Solitaire,  as the name suggests this is a challenging game that helps kids develop critical thinking & problem-solving skills! The handcrafted game board and marbles also work as a classic festival gift idea for kids! An indoor game that can be played by any age group be it preschoolers, teenagers or adults! Order online right away!

10) Dart game

Trying to hit the bull's eye is guaranteed endless hours of fun for kids! This classic indoor game helps children develop precision, fine motor skills & brings out their competitive spirit!

The best part of all these games is that they have no age criteria! So parents, make sure you join in the fun and spend some quality time with your kids at home with these awesome indoor games for kids!