Rediscovering Traditional Indian Games: A Nostalgic Navratri Journey

Oct 10 , 2023

Rediscovering Traditional Indian Games: A Nostalgic Navratri Journey

Navratri – a time to rejoice in the divine feminine energy through music and dance. This is a period when we look back at our cultural heritage, cherishing what connects us as one society. Is there any more convenient method than finding back traditional toys in India, which are already embedded into our culture?

Shall we reminisce about the magic of those Navaratri games that our grandparents and our parents, too, had played, all while exploring the enchanting world of kid's toys in India?

Traditional Toys for Navratri: Embracing Togetherness and Joyous Play

  • Cup & Ball Game

Picture yourself in a comfortable corner of your room where you can hear the sound of dandiya sticks and smell the scent of incense. You take time off during the dandiya raas to watch another traditional ‘cup & ball’ game. It is an easy and yet alluring test posed even in modern times, along with other traditions associated with Navaratri.

  • Wooden Cooking Set

Navratri involves preparing tasty meals for the goddesses and inviting relatives to join in a feast. In India, a miniature wood-based cooking set is also available for kids. This wonderful toy mirrors the same tradition by providing imagination space and a feeling of belonging to those who “cook” an imaginative dish with their tiny miniature kitchen. Whether you are searching for the best kid’s toys in India or contemplating it as a specialty gift, it unquestionably provides a delightful blend of amusement and cultural richness.

  • Handcrafted Foldable Magnetic Chess Board Set: 

Navaratri brings people together, and it is a break in moments that are lively, loud, and filled with celebration. Meet our Chumbak Satranj – one of the best kid’s toys in India, which is distinguished by exquisite craftsmanship and is ideal for a series of intellectual chess games that bring nations close to each other.

  • Indian Ludo:

Playing Ludo during Navratri feels like a comforting hug from childhood. Our Indian Ludo brings back the sense of a family game night set, which enhances your festivities at the same time. Waiting for the garba to start is good as it helps bond with your family.

In this spirit of Navratri – a season of unity, ritual, and reverence, let us not forget to disconnect from our digital engagements. Traditional toys in India are not mere amusement; they develop skill imagination or offer a moment priceless with family and friends.


Therefore, in case of a Navaratri celebration or any comfortable evening spent by you and your children, we recommend for these ancient games to be played. They have the essence of Navratri within them – a spirit of tradition and warmness of togetherness.

Let’s embark on this Nostalgic Navratri journey and make your child’s playtime really special. Visit our website, where we will take you down memory lane, help you relieve some, and give you a chance to create new moments with Desi Toys- where Indianess meets innovation and tradition meets playfulness.

Happy Navratri in India for joy and togetherness when we find back traditional toys!