Summer Fun with Desi Toys-Outdoor Play Ideas

Mar 11 , 2024

Summer Fun with Desi Toys-Outdoor Play Ideas

Dive into a world of summer fun with Desi toys! 

From colorful kites soaring high to the rhythmic whirl of wooden tops, get ready for an outdoor adventure like no other. Join us as we rediscover the joy of timeless play and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let's make this summer unforgettable with outdoor playing toys! 

Rediscovering Desi Delights: Timeless Fun with Traditional Toys

Gili Danda

Other than being a form of physical exercise, Gili Danda also acts like glue that binds us together, a form of bonding arising out of friendly competitiveness among us. The anticipation, as the whole team collects on a Sunday afternoon, a sunny day, is physically felt. It is the bond that a danda and a gilli can create among friends that gives us a chance to forge friendships and make memorable experiences.

However, what which makes the play an outstanding work of art is what mechanism works below the surface and pulls the audience in. Opposite to today's technology games, where sometimes they may be lonely, Gili Danda is better at making you human interactional.


Next in our kitty is the Slingshot/Catapult, which is an educating game among the outdoor playing toys that blends learning with fun. Whichever way it goes, children can practice aiming together with their attention skills as they literally aim at the cup towers or paper targets placed in the yard. It is a captain game of tactics and attention; nothing guarantees that you get kids glued to it for hours at a time.


One of the images that startled the imagination is the famous spinning top. Through its amazing colors and soothing vibration, this micro-machine cannot stop inspiring children and elders to be light. With wonder like a child, watch it twirling and whirling, taking you away from the unconsciousness of the present to a time of fun and light.


We have the ever-popular game of Marbles, a test of skill and precision that's stood the test of time. Gather your friends, grab your favorite glass marbles, and prepare for a fun competition as you aim, shoot, and plot your way to victory.


And let's not forget about Sitolia/Pitto, the ultimate Indian toy that's sure to get everyone moving and laughing. With balls flying and blocks tumbling, it's a thrilling race to see who can knock down and rebuild the tower the fastest.

The Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? 

These Indian toys incorporate teamwork, communication, and quick thinking, as well as bringing you a bit of sun and a fun side of your friends.

Dust off those old toys, gather your friends and family members, and get ready for a summer filled with laughter, adventure, and endless fun with outdoor playing toys!