The Rise of Indian Toys: A Deep Dive into Traditional Craftsmanship

Dec 08 , 2023

The Rise of Indian Toys: A Deep Dive into Traditional Craftsmanship

Are you looking for toys and learning equipment for kids that are entertaining as well as educational? 

Therefore, let's get started on traveling through the toys that would remind you about your childhood and, at the same time, offer valuable educational activities to your little ones.

The Desi Toys Story

Desi Toys goes beyond just a name; it's an Indian cultural celebration where time-tested toys are the main actors. These toys have succeeded in reviving the sentimental value attached to these games coupled with some level of modernity required by today's children.

Seven Stones/Lagori: A Game that is all Skill and Strategy.

Firstly, we shall talk about Seven Stones, popularly known as Lagori. The game is not simply an act of hitting stones, but rather, it examines ability in strategy, skill, and cooperation. Thus, this traditional game is an original masterpiece making it one of the most favourite outdoor games among children. This goes to show how pleasurable it is to see your child play such an ancient game and illustrate the timelessness of Indian toys.

Cup & Ball: Precision and Patience in Play

The next one is the cup & ball game, an all-time favourite. However, Desi Toys has put a modern touch on it without losing the charm. The other thing worth noting is that this is more than just a catch-me-the-ball-in-the-cup game, but the practice of their most important qualities, such as vision, attention, and perseverance, necessary in every person's personal growth.

Jungle Bowling Game Set for Kids: A Wild Twist to Bowling

Looking for a game that will be exciting yet active? The Jungle Bowling game set is your answer! It's not an ordinary bowling session but rather a crazy jungle venture. Your little ones will get some colorful and animal-shaped pins encouraging them to imagination and gross motor development.

Gili Danda: The balancing act between tradition and fun.

Lastly, Gili Danda is another accurate, timely, and well-balanced game. Desi Toys has brought back imagination in playing this old game that today's children love. It is not only a priceless experience, but it is also an illustration of how Indian toys are simple and provide joy during childhood.


If you want to give your children something that is different from the modern machines, then getting them exposed to the Indian classic and timeless toys will be best for them. The combination of tradition and modernity has been cleverly managed by Desi Toys. They created a wide range of toys that are both fun to play and assist in their children’s overall growth.

So, what are you waiting for buy toys online in India? It will be interesting for you to get into the sphere of Desi Toys and observe how fairy tales about Indian toys come true in your child’s game.