The Role of Indian Toys in the Young Child’s Life

Dec 22 , 2022

The Role of Indian Toys in the Young Child’s Life

Toys are an essential part of one’s childhood; they not only serve as an entertainment tool but have a major learning experience attached to them! Kids grow up playing with toys and they become an essential part of their lives as they enjoy playing with them while gaining various skills. A game or a toy that teaches a child a certain skill is important for a child’s development because, most of the times, they might learn it and figure the game out on their own without any guidance. We, at Desi Toys, are a top online toys store that offer great toys and games that your children can enjoy with and learn from at the same time; we have strategic games, planning games, functional games and more.

Desi Toys is an Indian brand for toys and games that are authentic to India; the toys that our parents and grandparents have grown up playing with. Not only will you have a sense of providing a piece of your children to your kid but you will also feel nostalgic while seeing your child play with it. Playing with traditional Indian toys will help your child bond better with their parents and grandparents as they will tell them about their childhood, how they used to enjoy with the same toys and the stories around them. Playing with Desi Toys’ traditional toys from India will expose the kids to their roots and inculcate a sense of culture in them even at playtime!

Playing a game physically is much more beneficial than a computer game to the overall development of a child. Buying toys from our Desi Toys online toys store plays a major role in the overall development of the child as a child can develop and learn the following by playing with the traditional games and toys offered at our store:

  • Strategy building
  • Social skills
  • Logic building
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Team-work
  • Object Recognition
  • Memory problem solving
  • Imagination
  • Concentration
  • Science & discovery
  • Role play


Playing with each of Desi Toys’ Indian toys will have 1 or more of the above benefits; building these skills is essential to the growth of a child as these are skills that one uses in daily life and not just for playing games; it is important for a young child to have these skills inculcated and practiced with since an early age so that it comes naturally to them as they get older!