Time to Experience the Play of Top Quality Toys for Kids

Feb 22 , 2021

Time to Experience the Play of Top Quality Toys for Kids

Indian games have been an important  part of India’s culture and tradition.  The epic story of Mahabharat mentioning the game of dice or even the story from the Mughal period  of king Akbar and his contemporaries playing the strategy game of  Pachisi on a piece of cloth all pointing towards the fact that Indian games and sports have always played an important role in the history and mythology of India.

As a toy brand on a mission to bring back the traditional Desi toys to the market here are our 5 picks from our collection


Here is a playmat that will make your kids hop and jump as a first instinct every time they see it! It's also a good tool to teach numbers to younger children. Made with superior quality, the mat has a smooth feel and the anti-skid bottom makes it safe for kids to jump and hop. Roll it up and take it for your next outdoor trip with kids, it can also be used as a  décor for the kids' room. Shop here

Ramayana Chauka Bara

A racing game with a Ramayana twist! This unique board game has the mega characters of the epic story of Ramayana and unlike any other board games, this one is made out of cloth, which makes it easy to store or carry. The set has 4 Kavadis used as dice and different coloured pawns – an authentic traditional Indian game for children from the house of Desi Toys! Shop online now

5 Stones

An indigenous traditional Indian game played with stones/big seed, wherein the players must throw one stone in the air while trying to grab other stones off the ground. To make it more child-safe, we have replaced stones with cloth bags filled with grains and fur. 

A unique birthday gift as well as an all-time favourite across all age groups, especially with grandparents! Place your order now


Known as Buddhi Jaa, this traditional Indian game challenges the problem solving skills.

Made of superior quality wood, this makes for a lovely décor item or a collectible too! Shop here


This traditional game of Shatranj needs no introduction to Indian families. It is believed that the game of Chess originated in India about 500 A.D – at Desi Toys we offer  an authentic comeback version of this engaging strategy game, made of rosewood with a magnetic folding board. The perfect travel game for kids - check it out here

All the toys offered by Desi Toys are handcrafted by local artisans with a touch of Indian art, making them truly Indian and unique. Check out the collection http://www.desitoys.in

Bring back the nostalgia of your childhood with Desi Toys–Happy Parenting!