Top 5 Gadget-Free childhood Indian Games

Sep 19 , 2023

Top 5 Gadget-Free childhood Indian Games

Struggling with screen-time issues with kids? Wondering what are the best ways to keep those young minds away from gadgets? Well, we’ve got your covered!

Introduce your children to top gadget free childhood Indian games from Desi Toys, the ones you grew up playing!

Take a look at our amazing recommendations:

1) Five Stones: If you have played this game as a kid, we believe your childhood was fun! We’ve tweaked it a bit with lovely triangle-shaped pieces made of cloth filled with fur and grains. A simple gadget-free game that kids can play with friends, parents & grandparents too! Order here

2) GiliDanda:This Indian street game that inspired the game of Cricket will not just keep your children off the screen, but will also get them moving! Order here

3) Marbles: A simple game that every 90’s kid will remember playing. This game will help your children master their aiming & concentration skills. The best thing about this game is that children can come up with their own variations to play this game differently each time. Shop for traditional indian toys here

4) Spinning Tops: The sheerjoy of watching a Latu spin, all those efforts of getting them to spin seamlesslywill ensure your children are kept engaged for hours and definitely away from gadgets. Get yours here

5) Catapult: Let your children master their 21st century STEM skills as they aim a tower of paper cups from a distance with the foam balls that come with the pack. Order now

Remember limiting screen time for kids is a not a one day activity- it’s a gradual process and it requires parents to try out new ways to bring about a healthy change. Our wooden, artisanal, Made In India games & toys from our Online Toys Store will encourage your children to keep those gadgets away naturally.

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