Top 7 Classic & Iconic Indian Board Games

Apr 21 , 2023

Top 7 Classic & Iconic Indian Board Games

Summer heat is on the rise & engaging kids during those long afternoon hours can seem like a big challenge for both a working parent as well as a stay-at-home one! As a parenting brand, we are here to give you solutions that make the journey of parenting fun, easy & full of learning for you and your child.

Here is a list of Indian board games from our online store that will make your child’s indoor playtime more meaningful & enjoyable.

1)  Dashavatar Snakes & Ladders/Saap Seedi: Based on Indian Mythological stories, this is a classic strategy board game that comes with a canvas fabric board. This game introduces children to 10 awesome stories of Vishnu's avatar/incarnation called Dashavatar & helps them develop logical reasoning & social skills.

2)  Ramayan Chauka Bara/ Ashta Chamma : Based on the story of    Ramayana, this is an ancient racing game which can be played by 2-4 players. The use of cowrie shells to control the coins is how we have retained the traditional way of playing this game in our version.

3)  Mahabharat Pachisi/Chaupar/Chopad/Chaupad/Indian Ludo: This board game introduces children to the legend of Mahabharata in a fun way! Pachisi is an ancient board game that can be played by 2 or more players who race to reach all their 4 pawns ‘HOME’. This games encourage children to critically think and develop strategy & planning skills.

4)  Bal Ganesh Nine Men Morris/ Navakankari board game: Connect your children to their Indian roots with this ancient alignment game where players place 3 coins vertically or horizontally in the same colour. A game that helps develop sequencing and logical reasoning skills in children.

5)  Maa Kali Goats & Tigers/Bagh Bakri board game: Yet another engaging strategy canvas board game based on the mythological story of goddess Kali & Mahishasura, which involves blocking the opponent’s moves & making them immobile. A traditional game that teaches 21st-century skills to children like teamwork, critical thinking & strategy skills. Shop here

6)  Chess: This one is the king of all indoor games and one that has been part of India’s heritage. Our version of Chess comes with a foldable magnetic board, which makes it easy to carry and keeps all the chessmen rooted on the board. Made out of superior quality Sheesham, this also makes for a great collectable or thoughtful gift on special occasions. Order here

7) Mancala/ Pallanguzhi : Being one of the oldest known two-player board games in the world, we are proud to have this game as a part of our collection. This turn-based strategy board game helps boost mathematical, logical, social and strategy skills among players. Shop for it here.

Add meaningful playtime to your child’s summer vacation, join them and have some family fun with these classic board games that are designed by local artisans, made using sustainable materials and connect your child to Indian culture and its rich past along with helping them develop 21st-century skills.

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