Top Reasons To Buy Made in India Toys Online from Desi Toys

Dec 14 , 2020

Top Reasons To Buy Made in India Toys Online from Desi Toys

This is the season of gifting! And when it comes to gift ideas for kids, toys & games always seem to be a perfect choice! But which toy to buy seems to be the most common dilemma for parents.

In this post, we give you 5 reasons why Desi Toys is the best destination to shop for toys and games for your child!

1) Made In India: As the name suggests Desi Toys is an “India Inspired, India Made”  brand that aims to revive classic and iconic Indian toys and games.  We have been working with skilled artisans from the very start of our journey and all our toys are handcrafted by traditional Indian artisans across India. Some of our colourful toys include Gili Danda, Spinning tops, Snake cube puzzles and various board games.

2) Educational tools: If you are looking for toys that don’t just entertain but also educate and help your children develop a new skill while playing then make sure you browse our toys and games collection online!

Kids can get their mind working with Desi Toys’ nav kankari or nine men morris, the classic snakes and ladders as well as with a game of pachisi or choupad. There’s also bhool bhulaiya (maze), memory card games, tic tac toesnake cube puzzle and chess, and many other brain-building games perfect for developing a strategy thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning skills in children at an early age.

3) Indian connect: Designed by local artisans and handcrafted in India, you will find  the oldest and most popular games played in ancient India only at our online store. Our aim is to connect today’s generation with India’s rich culture and traditions and therefore every game is designed to reflect the essence of India that makes our collection unique. You may find a variety of snakes and ladders in the market but the one designed by Desi Toys connects children to Indian mythology with 10 awesome stories of Vishnu avatar/incarnation called Dashavatar! Browse here for more

4) Relive childhood memories:

 Desi toys are comeback toys and the best online toys store for parents who get nostalgic for their childhood and want their young ones to play with toys and games they grew up playing with.

Some of our best-sellers include the Putt-Putt Boat, which is a steamboat, the classic Gili danda, spinning top or lattu, the choupad or pachisi board game and the quintessential brass miniature kitchen set that was a part of every happy childhood. Check the entire collection here


5) Age-appropriate recommendations at affordable prices 

Desi at heart, our toys cater to all age groups, in fact, not just kids but even parents seem to connect with our toys and enjoy playing with them or simply collect them for all the childhood memories that Desi Toys brings along with them.

Visit our website, select the age filters and you will have the curated  age-appropriate toys and games recommendations from our team at your fingertips! All you need to do is select the one you like and place your order!

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Happy shopping online! Stay home, stay safe!