Top Reasons to Buy Outdoor Games and Toys Online in India

Apr 25 , 2022

Top Reasons to Buy Outdoor Games and Toys Online in India

With the relaxation of Covid protocols and the onset of summer vacations, now is the best time to enjoy outdoor games for kids!

And here is the best part for parents- you can relive the good old days & enjoy the childhood nostalgia with Desi Toys.

Timeless, iconic, authentic, Made In India toys and games that inspire natural play & never go out of fashion! Shop for them at our online store at

While we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor toys and games for families, here is why we are highlighting outdoor toys in this post

1) Outdoor games encourage movement and are great for fitness.

Our humble Gilli Danda from the Desi Toys collection will keep your kids jumping and moving all through their playtime.

2) Outdoor games encourage team spirit – Desi Toys Lagori / Saat Patthar is perfect outdoor team games to cultivate the spirit of camaraderie & team play in children

3) Outdoor games encourage children to connect with their surroundings

By spending time outside, children learn to appreciate the environment and develop a sense of care for it. Our 5 stone game is a timeless, classic game played with 5 little objects, traditionally with stones/big seeds. Our version of Desi toys is inspired by our love for the environment & offers 5 lovely triangle-shaped pieces made of cloth filled with fur and grains.

4) Outdoor games develop social-emotional skills in children

Playing outside helps children to develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and imaginatively and improve fine and gross motor skills. All our toys and games at Desi Toys are designed to nurture and develop life skills in children. Check out Desi Toys Cup and Gola which can be played individually at home or as a team game on playdates too!

5) Outdoor games that you played when you were a kid!

Remember, playing hopscotch as a kid? Well, we designed a cool version of the 90’s childhood game for this generation. Take it along with you on the next park playdate, it can also be played indoors!

Outdoor games allow children to play, engage their bodies, minds, and senses, and create multiple opportunities for increased physical activity, learning, and connection with the environment.

As a toy brand and as parents we encourage you to let your indulge in quality outdoor play this summer!

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