Traditional Indian Toys: Which Toys are Better for Your Child?

Nov 18 , 2021

Traditional Indian Toys: Which Toys are Better for Your Child?

Playing games like puzzles, spinning tops, etc have always been an exciting part of growing up for all of us. We all love to recollect our happiness with childhood games and gadget-free days. It’s the parent’s responsibility to guide their kids to a tech-free world where they can improve their physical and mental abilities in the most unhazardous manner. Here are a few interesting toys that your kids would surely love:

  • Spinning tops- Spinning tops had been an all-time favourite toy of kids and are sure to fill even today’s kids with excitement and interest. Made with wood that is non-toxic and highly durable, tops are played along with a rope which when uncoiled from its body sets the top in motion. It is a small piece of toy which is easy to carry and play with any time anywhere. It has now become easy to buy toys online at affordable rates.

  • Chess- Considered as the brainiest game, no parent can go wrong with this supremely logical and stimulating game. Available in both magnetic and wooden versions, chess is encouraged by all as it is designed to allow the players to use 100% of their brains to win. It consists of a chessboard and each player controls 16 pieces consisting of king, queen, knights, bishops, and pawns.


  • Bowling game- Available in varied themes, bowling games usually consist of 6 pins and a softball in which the player is supposed to lay down maximum pins in a single attempt. This game is quite appealing to kids and also enhances their physical abilities along with hand-eye coordination. Such traditional Indian games are in existence since time immemorial and still provide the same enthusiasm and appeal.

Traditional Indian games focus on physical and mental well-being, refining the senses, strengthening the body, and balancing breathing. They encourage family togetherness and initiate bonding among the players while maintaining the sportsman spirit. They also play a vital role in developing various aspects of children’s growth, behavior, and interpersonal skills therefore, the need to re-establish traditional play in children’s lives has become mandatory. Parents can buy toys online and get them delivered to their doorstep quickly and conveniently.