Travel Back in Time: Toys from Different Eras in Indian History

Jul 09 , 2024

Travel Back in Time: Toys from Different Eras in Indian History

Did you ever think about the type of toys children played with in ancient India? Indian toys evolved over the centuries, starting from the Indus Valley Civilization down to the Mughal period, to prove that toys have always had a place in India's culture. Now, let us go back in time and have a look at the variety of toys that children in ancient India used and still use to this day.

Ancient Indian Toys

The toys of this early and most developed civilization, the Indus Valley Civilization, were made from tried clay in the shapes of animals and dolls. Some of these toys are animal-shaped and handled toys, wheeled toys and small toys in the form of birds with keys encased that can whistle. Just think of the happiness and satisfaction that children had a long time ago playing with these versatile and intricate toys that are now. Unlike most toys today, these toys were, in many instances, educative as they helped children learn about animals and vehicles in their worlds.

Toys in the Mughal Era

The Mughal era brought new influences to the world of toys in India. Intricately designed miniature animals, soldiers, and palaces were common. These Indian culture toys were often made of ivory, metal, or wood, showcasing the craftsmanship of the time. The attention to detail in these toys was remarkable, and they were cherished possessions for children and sometimes even collected by adults. Playing with these toys, children could imagine grand battles, royal courts, and majestic palaces, bringing history to life in their imaginations.

The Timeless Appeal of Indian Toys

What makes these toys so special is that they are not just about entertainment. They were a means of cultural transmission, teaching children about their history, traditions, and values. Even today, many of these ancient Indian toys have a timeless appeal. At Desi Toys, we strive to keep this tradition alive by offering a wide range of toys that celebrate India's rich heritage. Our collection includes these toys, made with the same care and craftsmanship as in the past.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Indian toys is how they are still made using traditional methods. Artisans across the country continue to craft toys by hand, using techniques passed down through generations. These toys are not just products; they are a labour of love, preserving the essence of Indian culture.


Exploring the world of ancient Indian toys is like taking a trip back in time. These toys are not just artefacts; they are storytellers, preserving the legacy of Indian culture and history. By bringing these toys into our homes, we not only provide children with a fun and engaging way to play but also keep alive the traditions and stories of our ancestors. So, let's celebrate our heritage and introduce our children to the wonderful world of Indian cultural toys.