Unveiling the Best Indoor Games for Kids

Jun 22 , 2023

Unveiling the Best Indoor Games for Kids

Monsoons are about to set in the city & indoor games for kids are a fun way to spend a rainy day when they are stuck inside. Order these indoor games that will keep children happily busy indoors all day!

Board games pack of 5: This pack contains board games on canvas fabric board, all inspired by the Epic stories from India - so children get to learn & connect to their Indian roots while they play. Order here

  • Snakes & ladders based on the legend of Dashavtar
  • Nine Men Morris based on Bal Ganesha
  • Pachisi inspired by Mahabharat
  • Goats & Tigers inspired by Maa Kali
  • Chuka Bara inspired by Ramayana

Chess: One of the most ancient brain boosting games from India popularly known as Shatranj. Our version of this traditional game comes in a wooden chess round table with acrylic inlay detailed work along with attachable table legs & handcrafted wooden Chess coins. A multipurpose game that looks good as collectible and as a unique home décor too! Order here

Solitaire: This wooden Solitaire game will appeal to children who love to analyse things & solve problems. This game will keep them engaged, encourage independent play skills too! Shop here

Mancala: One of the oldest games from India! This turn-based strategy board game helps in enhancing players' mathematical, logical, social, and strategy skills. Add to cart here

Kitchen Set: Our range of handcrafted kitchen sets will set your child’s imagination on fire & get them to practice their role playing skills. From no plastic, no paint Brass Miniature kitchen set to the wooden pretend play set with all the traditional utensils – kids will enjoy cooking up their imagination  and serving their favourite dishes to all those join the party! Buy here

Spot n Snap Card Game: A fun matching symbol game based on the theme incredible India which helps in increasing concentration & sharpening visual recognition skills. A perfect game to be enjoyed with friends and family! Buy now 

Order these games to make indoor playtime meaningful for your kids. Explore our wooden, handcrafted collection at www.desitoys.in the ultimate destination for authentic, iconic & classic Indian toys & games.