What are ‘Desi Toys’?

Nov 26 , 2020

What are ‘Desi Toys’?

Kids love toys. Just take a child into a toy store and he/ she will probably find a number of reasons to convince you to buy that toy!

We at Desi Toys believe that children learn by playing and toys are the instruments that allow them to discover the world they live in. As Maria Montessori, the famous educator, says "Play is the work of the child." In other words, toys do matter. The best toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imagination and encourage them to interact with others.

And that’s one reason why buying the right kind of toy becomes  important for parents.

In this post, we want to highlight what are ‘Desi Toys’and what makes usspecial!

Made in India

True to its name, Desi Toys is truly Indian and all our toys are rooted with Indian theme/craft/tradition. Desi Toys specialises in traditional toys like lagorigilli dandalattu, putt putt steam boat, the wooden kitchen set little children love to play with and so much more! Desi Toys is an “India Inspired, India Made” brand  that aims to revive classic and iconic Indian toys and games which are truly timeless.

Skill Enhancing

Each and every toy at Desi Toys enhances essential life skills in kids which are important for their growth and development.Toys like bhool bhulaiya (maze), tic tac toesnake cube puzzle and chess are brain-building games by Desi Toys which are designed in such a way that one could develop skills like logical thinking, strategy, concentration, mathematics,  sensory skills and lot more. Our toy collection offers a great tool that can be used as  educational and learning aids at home by parents.


We strongly believe in sustainability and hence we don’t make a single plastic toy/game.All our products are completely  handmade from a mix of solid wood, MDF, cardboard and fabric.

Safe & Superior Quality

We at ‘Desi Toys’ are very proud of the high quality products that we offer. We  ensure we use all contemporary safety measures such as use of organic colours, safe corners, non skid bottoms, etc in our products. We have  spent a great deal of time and resources ensuring all our toys  are durable & safe for the little ones.All our toys are designed keeping in mind child’s developmental needs, ability to learn and Indian traditions.


Each of the Desi Toy  reminds you of your childhood like the small putt putt steam boat bought from the Mela, playing lagori  or Gilli Danda during summer vacations, etc !At Desi Toys we are constantly innovating new products keeping the nostalgic factor and Indianess alive in each product which makes them stand out.

Women Led

Desi Toys is a creation of a mom entreperenur Swapna  Wagh. Her childhood passion for toys combined with an in-depth retail work experience helped her start Desi Toys in 2012


We have not just identfied the olden days toys but also some of the best local artisians who can help us revive the tradional Indian art & cutlure for today’s tech –savvy generation. Our motto is not just  tosave the craft and artisans, but to give people the joy of playing with and gifting others a locally-made product.

Iconic & Timeless

The Putt putt boat, Gilli danda, Lagori, Gulel,etc are toys that have stood the test of time and continue to create lasting fun memories . Grown-ups can relive their childhood days and play with their little ones telling them stories of how they enjoyed playing these ‘Desi Toys’.

Take a trip down the memory lane with your child! Visit the Desi Toys collection at www.desitoys.in

Desi Toys also make for a perfect collectible and gifting option for your loved ones!