Why are Wooden Toys Ideal for Kids and Children?

Aug 22 , 2022

Why are Wooden Toys Ideal for Kids and Children?

Toys are more than just items in the toy room that your child plays with at play time; they are an integral part of a child’s life! Toys are much more than just entertainment and games are much more than a time-pass activity. Desi Toys offers the right kind of Indian traditional kids toys online that help in the development of a child; our toys and game sets help improve cognitive abilities, communication skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, strategy-building, concentration, logic-building, science & discovery interest, social skills, physical development and more! These are not the only points that make Desi Toys ideal for the children but we offer one of the most important aspects of a product, especially when it comes to catering to kids, which is being toxin-free as well as plastic-free. All our toys are either made of wood or brass and are 100% plastic free.

If you are looking to buy toys online (India), then you are at the right place! Offering ‘India Inspired, India Made’ traditional Indian toys and games, we, at Desi Toys, help inculcate Indianness and Indian cultural values in a child from the very beginning stages of their lives during playtime as well. Toys that our grandparents, parents and we grew up playing with have been lost somewhere due to the gadget-revolution, which surely has its own benefits but the cons are more likely to affect such young children! Let us take our future generation a step back but 2 steps further with traditional Indian made toys and away from their tech-savvy screen life and give them a taste of what playing with real toys feels like while you go on your own trip of nostalgia.

There are many options for wooden kids toys online on Desi Toys like Jungle Bowling Game Set, Wooden Gulel/ Catapult, Khel-Pani/ Wooden Cooking Kitchen Play Set, Cup aur Gola/ Cup and Ball, Wooden Spinning Top/ Lattu, Wooden Chess boards & tables and much more.

Buy toys online India from us and revive the Indian traditional style of a leisurely time for a child by unplugging them from the digital world and bringing them into your nostalgia-driven classic India playtime where the children can indulge in many games and have a fun family time!