Must have Toys & Games to keep kids engaged

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Must have Toys & Games to keep kids engaged

Finding ways to keep the children engaged while you finish those daily chores at home can be a lot of work in itself and finding activities that children can do on their own without adult supervision becomes equally important if you are a working parent.

Well, when it comes to toys, we have your back! Here is a list of some of the best classic toys from ‘Desi Toys’ that kids can play on their own. These toys and games are not just fun but also durable and safe too.

Labyrinth/ Maze/ Swirl/Bada Bhool Bhulaiya

Handcrafted in Shesham wood, this is a challenging game, as kids need to move all the three balls into the centre of the puzzle. Also this can be a very good game for improving hand-eye coordination  fine motor  skills and concentration in kids.



Snake Cube Puzzle/ Ghar Akar brain teaser

Brain teasers like these are a must-have. Offer this to your kids and steal away some time from them to finish your work. This 3"x3"x3" puzzle is unique and very challenging too.


Spinning top/ Lattu

No matter what age you may be, you will always love the sight of a spinning top and see the colours blend together as the top spins.  Easy to store and carry with each top measuring 3"x1.8"x1.8". The nail bottom is not very pointed and suitable for kids.



Cup and ball/ Cup aur Gola

This may look simple but getting the ball into the cup requires practice! So if you are having a busy day, this toy is the perfect screen-free entertainment for kids.




Solitaire is a challenging game that requires problem-solving tactics. There is truly no more attractive and easy way to play this game than with the Indian Handmade Wooden Marble Solitaire Set from ‘Desi Toys’. Bring home your very own Handmade.



3 in one puzzle set/Teen Paheli

This puzzle set is much loved not just by kids but parents too! Solve this puzzle to de-stress and challenge your kids to practice problem solving skills and patience!



While there are endless ways to encourage kids to play on their own, every toy listed above guarantees gadget-free, creative and independent play not just for children but for the parents too! So go ahead and give them a try! Shop from




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