Jul 31 , 2020


This Independence day introduce your kids to some traditional Indian games from ‘Desi Toys’  that are  made with the passion of exposing today’s children who are being robbed of the wonders our country has to offer with it’s rich collection of skill based toys and games!

Recreate fun memories with your little ones with these 10 ‘Desi Toys’ that are 'Made in  India'

1) Spinning Top:

Another simple activity toy from India  that promises hours of fun and engagement as spinning the 'lattu' is an art, it will keep the kids hooked till they master it and once they have they will love to show off their newly acquired skill! Get this for your kids or gift this to your loved ones!

2)  2 in 1 Strategy Board Game Goats and Tigers / Bagh Bakri  & Dashavatar Snakes & Ladders:

The mythological story themes are a great way to let kids connect with Indian culture and this game is based on the mythological story of Goddess Kali and Mahishasura and involves hunting the opponents and blocking their moves making them immobile. Clubbed with  this game is the all- time favourite - Snakes and Ladders with 10 stories which is available at Rs.299 only


3)  Gili Danda:

A game that is now become a memory from the ’90s, when kids could be seen in every gully of rural India and smaller towns playing this outdoor game that required nothing but two wooden stick to score points. While the kids today have the polished version as Cricket, here is a chance to revisit those wonderful childhood years as the Gili Danda set is available at  Desi Toys! Excited?

4) Chess/Satranj-Magnetic: 

The game of chess is over 1300 years old and is one of oldest and the most popular game in the world. The game originated in India and evolved from the Indian game Chaturanga, meaning four units of an army. The Magnetic folding chess by ‘Desi Toys’ is a  perfect travel companion for chess lovers which will keep all the chessmen rooted on the chess board unless you make your move! 

5) Solitaire/ Buddhijaal:

An ancient game which is  handcrafted to hone problem-solving and concentration skills, this game is evergreen across all age groups! The game board made of Sheesham wood with  marbles involves getting rid of all the marbles except one. A game that never goes out of style! 


6) 2 in 1  Board Game Chauka Bara & Tic Tac Toe:

Call it Chauka Bara, the game has taught us that fate could change in a roll of a dice! This is primarily a game of chance but involves thinking and planning. It is an interesting and fun way to develop strategy skills. This game is available as a combo set with Tic Tac Toe – another favourtie of kids! 

7) Steam Boat:

Shop for this tiny steamboat and watch your little ones enjoy themselves watching the boat go around in the water tub. This tiny steamboat is a happy flashback from your childhood years. Don’t believe us yet? Get one for your kids and see for yourself! Priced at just Rs 149, this is our best-seller.

8) 2 in 1 Strategy Board Game Nine Men Morris/ Nav kankari & Pachisi

A wonderful combination of two ancient games from India, this pack contains Nine Men Morris/ Nav Kankari where players place 3 coins vertically or horizontally.  Pachisi is another ancient racing Board game. This game can be played by two to four player. Each player has to roll the dice and make moves towards 'Home'. The first player to get all his 4 pawns into the ‘Home’ is the winner. Priced at just Rs 299,  this pack is a great birthday party return gift for kids! 

 9) Cup And Gola:

Ditch those foreign-made games, this activity toy is one of the best tool to develop hand-eye coordination in children. The game consists of a small wooden ball connected to the handle of the cup by a string. The main goal of the game is to get the ball into the cup. Play some cool 1 minute games with this toy.


10) Seven Stones/Lagori

How can we end this list without mentioning this game? The game also called Pithoo  in some parts of India,  has a ball and a pile of flat stones and is played between two teams in a large outdoor area. Here is the best part, any number of people can play it! One team will knock down the blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. Easy to store and carry, this is a wonderful outdoor game for kids! Buy the stack of Lagori set today.

Playing is the best way of learning! So go ahead, enjoy your Independence Day playing some traditional games from India, help kids learn more about our rich history and culture while you enjoy some moments of childhood nostalgia playing these games again!